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Enhancing Creative Production with AI

AI Filmmaker & Production Executive

With a career spanning over 18 years, Gabe is transforming the future of storytelling. Currently serving as VP, Executive Producer of AI for Edelman, he pushes the boundaries of traditional storytelling, enhancing both creativity and production workflows.

Innovative Projects & Proven Results

As an early adopter of AI technology in film, video and creative production, Gabe Michael specializes in enhancing workflows and pushing creative boundaries with Artificial Intelligence. His work has earned accolades for ‘Best Character’ and ‘Best Art Direction’ at the Runway Gen:48 AI Film Competition, leading to his entry into many creative partner programs with top AI video brands.

Award-Winning Creative Leader

Before embracing the forefront of AI, Gabe garnered recognition as an award-winning Director and Producer, working with renowned film studios, networks, brands, and celebrities to achieve billions of organic views across social videos, original shows, interactive, and branded content.

Commitment to Innovation

Guided by a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, Gabe believes in the transformative power of AI to redefine filmmaking and creative production as we know it.