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Video Portfolio & Case Studies

Created Animated Explainers
Series with Intuit TurboTax

Conceptualized, designed, wrote copy and animated a series of vertical social videos for Instagram Reels, TikTok, Snap Chat and Youtube Shorts.

@turbotax ūüĒäCalling all first-time-filers ūüĒä It‚Äôs time to tap in to #refund season! Follow these steps and hit the link in our bio. #taxseason #personalfinance ‚ô¨ original sound - Intuit TurboTax

Creative + Story Leader for Sony Pictures Television

Led the Impossible Science creative team brainstorm sessions, generating  new ideas and concepts for Sony owned social video content series. Worked closely with cross-functional teams to ensure consistent branding and messaging across all social channels while writing, producing, directing and editing numerous full length YouTube episodes, viral TikTok videos and hundreds of social media assets.  RESULTS: 108 million views across social platforms, 32 million minutes watched, 26 viral TikTok videos, 27 million people reached and 500k+ subscribers across platforms. Implemented IP integration into episodes from Sony Brand Partners like Spider-Man No Way Home, Cobra Kai, Sackboy and more.

Most Successful Paid Ad


Oversaw ideation and execution of a social paid video ad for Manscaped. The video campaign consisted of numerous versions and aspect ratios and was served on Youtube and Meta platforms resulting in the most effective and liked video ad of the year.

Created Award-Winning Film

with Artificial Intelligence

Let Us Explore was created in 16 hours using AI tools like Chat GPT, Midjourney and Runway. The film won “Best Character” design at Runway’s Gen:48 film festival.

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Behind the Scenes

Crafted Brand Documentary
Barrette Outdoor Living

Oversaw creative and production on a corporate documentary that was used as a main sales tool for a $2B acquisition.  In less than one week our production team traveled to 3 factories in 3 different states to capture interviews from BOL staff and shoot hours of beautiful documentary footage.

Creative Campaign + Video Director

Secrets Resorts & Spas

Conceptualized, directed and oversaw strategy on a content marketing video and email campaign that led to MILLIONS of dollars of new sales in just 30 days. Without even showing the resort, we used emotional storytelling to encourage couples to reconnect with one another. Ultimately, the audience ended up connecting with the brand on numerous touchpoints leading to 2.8 million video engagements and a 4.3 million overall campaign reach.

Helped Launch Firework’s

First Brand Campaign

Worked with the internal marketing team to launch app with content driven ad campaign. Oversaw ideation, direction and production of numerous videos and visuals used for ad campaign, website and app store. We created numerous paid ads, original content for REVEAL technology and developed original in app video series.

Created High Performing

Social Ads for Trophy Smack

Oversaw production and post-production while leading creative team to ideate and create high performing video ads for Trophy Smack.  Led creation of numerous video and still assets to be used across social networks like YouTube and Meta platforms. 

Built Interactive Experience

with Facebook Messenger

Oversaw creative direction on a three hour Facebook Messenger experience with author James Patterson that used video, photos, prose,¬† AI, and chatbots to help “The Chef” reach #1 on the NY Times Best Sellers List.

Lead Social Video Content Efforts for Netflix

Worked with Netflix and Denizen to concept and creative direct¬†numerous content¬†pieces for social and owned video channels leading the ‚ÄúV-Wars‚ÄĚ social media campaign to the second largest fan acquisition spike with millions of views and engagements across content.

Worked with celebrities and cross functional teams across Netflix and numerous agencies to integrate studio and talent ideas into content and PR promotion strategy on a series of projects in both Toronto and Los Angeles for Umbrella Academy, V Wars, Witcher, and The Healing Power of Dude.

Collaborated with

Newform Digital

on Txt Stories

Created a new social video format that received 30 MILLION organic views on Facebook in less than one week and over 60 MILLION organic views total.

Told Heart Warming Stories

with Dreams Resorts & Spas

Oversaw and directed a heart warming documentary urging viewers to nominate people who deserved a dream vacation through social channels.

Oversaw Influencer Video

Campaign for NBC Universal

Worked with ToylabTV, NBC Universal, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard on an Epic Unboxing Video to promote the new line of Jurassic World toys. The video has over 21 Million organic views.

Created A Viral Hit

Breathless Resorts & Spas

Oversaw creative, production and distribution on, ‚ÄúEvolution of the Bikini with Amanda Cerny‚ÄĚ which garnered over 46 MILLION organic views and was featured in Youtube‚Äôs Now Trending, Adweek, Buzzfeed, Playboy, Cosmo, Harper’s Bazaar, Bustle, and many more outlets.

Grew Mustaches with Nick Offerman for Movember

Produced and directed Movember’s award-winning ROAD TO A BETTER MUSTACHE with NICK OFFERMAN campaign. The video series received over 3 MILLION organic views and was featured in Devour, Mashable and numerous other outlets.

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Movember Half-way Inspiration

Led Customers to

Experience Dreams

Oversaw creative and execution of feel-good 360 campaign. We paired real VR footage of the resort with the freezing winter of Philadelphia to create an interactive experience that engaged the customer on numerous digital and physical touch points. The campaign let online viewers of the experience share virtual vacations with their friends, ultimately entering them in a free vacation sweepstake resulting in Millions in sales and 311 million impressions.

Became Bros with Jacklinks

Won Best Branded Video Web Series for a 5 part branded video series with Brian Wilson and Sasquatch from Jacklinks. I produced the series and oversaw creative. 

Forged the Hit Series

Man At Arms

Co-Created and produced the award-winning MAN AT ARMS YouTube turned TV series. We partnered with real blacksmiths to create weapons from our fan’s favorite shows, films, books and video games resulting in close to a BILLION YouTube views and Millions of eyeballs across the El Ray TV network.¬†

Tapped into the Excitement

with ByteDance

Oversaw creative and production on a social ad campaign for ByteDance product “Beat the Q,” a popular HQ Trivia competitor.¬† Our team ideated the ad creative and created over 20 assets to be used across social and digital networks.

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Motion GFX Spot

Won Best Writing for

YouTube Series Technium

Created, Produced and Directed the award-winning YouTube series Technium. Working with innovative companies we asked how close we are to making the future as seen in TV, films and videogames a reality.

Told Customer Stories

with Dell

Produced and Directed a social video series with Fullscreen, highlighting small business problems and Dell’s expert solutions. This B2B approach led to a boost of awareness not only for the featured brands, but for Dell’s expert program.

Produced the Epic

Epic Rap Battles of History

Led Emmy-Nominated ‚ÄúEpic Rap Battles of History‚ÄĚ team and oversaw production for six YouTube channels with tens of millions of subscribers and BILLIONS of views.

Produced New Formats

with Intuit TurboTax

Worked with the blog and website team to create a new blog meets vlog Youtube format. 

Created New Formats

for Defy Media

Created and produced a men’s fashion series called Threads. The format explored new physical locations and products for new and established men’s fashion brands.

Helped Important Causes

with Do Something

Led production teams on cause related PSA videos with established celebrities. The videos were seen across TV and online channels, inspiring MILLIONS.