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MORPH STUDIO: The AI Video Platform We’ve Been Waiting For?

A few weeks ago I was  invited by Morph Studio to create a short film using their text2video service run on their discord server, but as with everything Ai, before I could even finish the short film their technology evolved into an All-In-One AI powered video creation platform.

The Morph Studio platform offers text2video, image2video, and video2video style transfer.  Additionally, you can connect your shots to export a pre-edited video, or export numerous combinations at the same time. 

I’m fortunate enough to have obtained early access to the platform and wanted to share my preview and initial thoughts with you all. 

Okay, so here is my premiere timeline of my short film called PIXELTON, a mock travel video to a city in an 8bit world. As you will see here, I have a majority of the video already edited, but am missing just a few final shots.  I’ve shown a lot of my editing process on other videos, so today I want to just focus on the Morph Studio Platform.

Here is a clip I generated of people walking through downtown pixelton on discord.  As you can see the generation is really good, but we are stuck using discord’s platform, making generations a bit difficult to track and navigate. So let’s jump over to Morph Studio’s new web based platform at 

Okay so here’s the site.  First we want to either create an account or login.  Once you are in you need to create a new project. Here you can choose the aspect ratio, frame rate and resolution. Give the project a name, hit create and you are in your dashboard. 


Once you are in you will see two nodes, one for shot and one for export. In the shot node you can type your prompt in the box. My prompts are going to be for a few pickup shots I need to finish my short film. 

When you click on the slider icon you get a few options.  The first is a drop down menu where you can pick your generation model. I’ll stick to Text2Video for now, but Morph has a few of their own models and one supported by Stable Diffusion. I assume there will be even more models to choose from in the months coming as the plug and play model seems to be the next step in GenAI platform evolution.   

Below the models you have all the camera controls you could ever need. For this shot I don’t really need camera movement right now, but it’s nice to know it’s there. Next you have clip duration, which I absolutely love that you can choose, and finally a motion parameter. 

One of my favorite features is that you can get numerous generations going and they are all stacked in one neat column, allowing you to move on to the next shot even while still generating. So while these generate I’m going to get my other shots ready so I can finish this Pixelton Video. 

Boom!  Now most of my generations are complete and I have 8 shots with multiple generations to choose from.  I can download the clip I want right from the node column and even do a style transfer on a clip that has already been generated.  It will even keep it organized by putting the new style transferred clip right in the same SHOT column. Just WOW! 


Another cool feature of Morph Studio is their batch upload feature.  I like to start most of my AI videos with still images generated in Midjourney and this feature lets you take up to 10 still photos and upload them right into a project.  The platform then creates a node for each individual shot, allowing for customization of each image2video animation.


The Image2 Video model works similar to Text2Video, where you can choose your model, camera movement, clip length and motion parameters.  The output does a great job of understanding the original image and following the guidelines given. 


I have had the opportunity to play with many different GenAI platforms and though they did sponsor this video, I honestly think Morph Studios really has some amazing features that will significantly help with video workflow.  If you want to join the waitlist you can click the link in the description below. I’m really interested in hearing what you all think.